@gr36 I take grim pleasure from hoping that the flaw in Meta's plan will eventually bring about its downfall, along with all the other companies who've pursued the VR unicorn over the last several decades.

@uncertainquark My experience with Mastodon did feel very Twitter-link, and I suspect that's because a lot of people on there use it in the same way as they use Twitter. I don't think that's a knock against Mastodon; so many of us have grown accustomed to the siren call of the Engagement Monster that it's hard to break the habit, even without algorithms. I know that I still find myself refreshing my RSS feed list or M.b timeline out of habit.

@patrickrhone I need to do this (again) at some point, there's probably at least a third there that has no use whatsoever and can be discarded.

@colinwalker Congratulations! I don't have the stats on how many posts I made to previous blogs I've had over the years, but I'm pretty certain that they're a fraction of the total I've made on my current blog(s) since 2018.

@colinwalker Hoping it is a mild case. My sister caught Covid before Christmas 2020, and it bowled her over completely for a couple of weeks. Not fun at all.

@timapple Strangely, in my case I didn't have a sore arm but did feel blah for several days. No word yet on whether I'll get a fourth shot, looks like they're working on getting majority vaccinated and boosted first.

@LJPUK I've gone to a paper planner, only using Reminders and Calendar apps when it makes sense (shared scheduling, habit-forming nudges).

@jack This speaks volumes to the supposed benefits of connected devices versus the real-world frustration of uneven network connectivity and automated synching that is very hard to manually nudge.

@yorrike Sadly, all too true, particularly when you factor in various other sites that are now owned by Amazon...

@mjdescy I suspect a lot of the hatred of VBA stems from the fact that it is primarily used by folks who aren't software developers. As you're demonstrating, it's not a bad language, but it can do bad thing if you don't fully understand what you're doing.