@chipotle I vaguely remember that name, though I can't remember which shows they produced that I might have listened to.

(And after looking at their website, I'm none the wiser as to where I'd encountered them before.)

@Miraz We have lots of goldfinches in our garden, eating from the feeders or drinking from the birdbath. Occasionally we'll see a bullfinch, but sadly we've not seen any greenfinches in a very long time, not sure what happened to them.

@baldur Interesting read, thanks for the link. I used Pinboard for several years, but decided to export my library to DEVONthink and depart, mainly because I wanted to cut down my subscriptions. Plus, I quite like not being reliant on other sites/services keeping working.

@vincent While I have reservations about Mozilla's direction of travel these days, perhaps I too should give Firefox another shot.

@JohnPhilpin I was reminded of how bad in-video adverts have gotten in YouTube when I recently switched back to Safari on the Mac. Yikes! I'd forgotten because in the past I've either watched videos through Inoreader (which lets you subscribe to channels as RSS feeds), within Discord, or in Vivaldi (with uBlock Origin).

@Miraz Wow, that's quite the difference! For some reason I thought that the size increase from my 2016 iPhone SE to the 2020 version would be bigger than it turned out — I guess I'd mis-remembered how big the iPhone 8 (which is the form factor the 2020 and 2022 SE use) was when it launched. (I recall handling the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in my local Apple Store years ago, and thinking the Plus was HUGE even for my large hands.)

@UndamnedOne Wait, I thought Dolly Parton has politely told them she didn't want to be inducted, on account of her not having (yet) recorded any rock & roll? (Though she hasn't ruled out recording a rock album someday...)

@LJPUK I've been using Reminders for a couple of years now, after stints with Wunderlist, OmniFocus and Todoist. Some features of Reminders only work with Apple's iCloud services, although it will work with any service that supports CalDAV.