@philbowell I'd not thought about ClassicPress much, might try spinning it up in a local web host using MAMP and see what it's like.

@Gaby I used Simplenote as a journalling tool for a time a few years back, but found the synching a bit hit-and-miss sometimes. I may try it again, thanks for the reminder.

@issimonwoods I avoid that part of the app now, but still manage to trigger its "Oh please come back!" pop-up somehow. I'm still considering possible alternatives, preferably ones that will work on Apple Silicon so they're future-proof.

@frostedechoes I can relate to this — I switched from Apple's Mail app to MailMate on my Mac just over a year ago — not only did it help me break down and see just how much email I'm getting from various sources, but I can automate it to transfer certain emails directly into DEVONthink for archival without my needing to do anything. :) I also finally figured out how to get Hazel to automatically deal with files downloaded from particularly sites, so anything destined for my music or ebook libraries doesn't hang around in limbo.

@hollyhoneychurch Videos like this make me wish there wasn't a limiter on how deep you can dive into the Mandelbrot (or Julia) Set in the otherwise-awesome Frax app on the iPad. But then it occurs to me that I might lose many hours each day going down a literal rabbit-hole. :P

@jakelacaze I've been using DDG regularly since 2014, and my experience has been great for most of that time. I don't think DDG are doing anything wrong, I suspect the problem is more that they're reaching the edges of the portion of the search market that isn't owned outright by Google.

I am still interested in retaining some privacy, for the simple reason that I don't really trust anyone now to keep hold of any data they hold on me. Ironically, I got an email recently from Google's Inactive Account Manager notifying me that they'd not detected any activity from my account in quite a while. My tactic nowadays is to only log into Google or other sites when I have to, then logout afterwards, and generally block most tracking domains using NextDNS. That might not be a huge privacy gain, but it's definitely a gain in terms of sites loading faster!

@LJPUK Sounds like you've got a good system going there, I've had similar experience since I changed how I use my devices last year.