@cdevroe Email: 4-5 times a day. RSS: roughly the same. I follow a lot of folks from M.b via RSS, so I only open the app once or twice a day at most. And since I'm not on social media, I don't spend any time there. I do open Usenapp once a day, too, to check for new posts on a few Usenet newsgroups I follow, notably comp.risks.

@jack I stopped wearing a watch on my wrist a decade ago, and when I tried wearing one again last year it felt weird and alien. I've thought about the Apple Watch, but I'm yet to find any compelling reason to own one.

@benwerd I read your post this morning at breakfast time, it resonated with me because I've become more attuned to seeing this disconnect in the world around me as I've gotten older.

@LJPUK My brief foray into Android country a few years ago taught me that — for my uses, at least — it's as much a walled garden as iOS, the ride isn't as smooth if you don't fully commit to Google's embrace. That's not a knock against Android, which I found pretty usable, rather an acknowledgement that you're swapping one gatekeeper for another.

As someone who has lived (and worked) through many versions of Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, plus a few Linux flavours, I'm choosing to go with what does the most for me with the least interruptions. For now, that's i(Pad)OS and macOS, but I could see myself switching to Linux for some of my work in the future.

@danielpunkass I was puzzled at first when I saw that behaviour, I didn't twig right away that it was related to iCloud. You're right, it is overloading the Size column's meaning. A visual indicator next to the file icon, or indeed another column, would be preferable, but apparently Apple Knows Best. shrug

@canion I use Discord primarily to stay in touch with friends from Second Life, as well as SL creators and SL events. The radio station I broadcast for uses a Discord server to keep staff in the loop regarding shows, schedule changes, advert production, SL event coverage and other matters. (While Second Life has its own communication channels, those only work as long as SL is up and running, and occasionally there are outages that leave us reliant on Discord to stay in touch.)

@chipotle I vaguely remember that name, though I can't remember which shows they produced that I might have listened to.

(And after looking at their website, I'm none the wiser as to where I'd encountered them before.)

@Miraz We have lots of goldfinches in our garden, eating from the feeders or drinking from the birdbath. Occasionally we'll see a bullfinch, but sadly we've not seen any greenfinches in a very long time, not sure what happened to them.

@baldur Interesting read, thanks for the link. I used Pinboard for several years, but decided to export my library to DEVONthink and depart, mainly because I wanted to cut down my subscriptions. Plus, I quite like not being reliant on other sites/services keeping working.

@vincent While I have reservations about Mozilla's direction of travel these days, perhaps I too should give Firefox another shot.