@numericcitizen Wow. I remember trying out a previous version of DropZone, and feeling underwhelmed. Drag-and-drop may work for some folks, specifically those with very steady hands and good eyesight. But I prefer to use combo of Keyboard Maestro and Hazel for most automation.

@ReaderJohn My experience with my original (1998) Amazon account was that it eventually started suggesting anything that even vaguely matched something I'd previously purchased. Unfortunately, I think personalisation has long since given way to just-keep-em-buying-stuff...

@JohnPhilpin This is my unsurprised face. 🫤Replacing Boris won't fix anything, because me effectively remade the Conservative Party in 2019 in his own image. It's sleaze & corruption all the way down now, rotten to the core.

@wfm I'm surprised that Britain isn't a lot higher, given Brexit and the state of governance here, not to mention Scottish, Welsh and Irish nationalism.

Turkey, well considering who's running it no surprise there.

@pratik seems pretty clear to me that no adolescents were consulted during the passage of this legislation, and those passing it have forgotten their adolescent years. Yeah, good luck with that. 🤦

@gr36 one of the downsides of social media, and indeed all online spaces for mass communication (looking at you, Usenet newsgroups) is that there will always be someone reading who feels compelled to respond because Something Is Wrong On The Internet. :( This is one reason why I'm happy to stay off social media and till my own space, any responses to me are usually direct via email or on their own blog. (If anyone is sharing my posts on social media, I don't care cos I'm not going to see it unless a friend lets me know of its existence.)

@richText I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that those folks won't be leaving FB anytime soon, which saddens me, but then I recall that I can't even remember how I became friends with most of them in the first place. 🤷

@Miraz I know that my health has improved since I forced myself to get to bed earlier. Even with occasional interruptions during the night, I've been clocking in around 7 hours. That extra hour makes all the difference for me. 🥱

@SamHawken This is one reason why I've gone with the 'email me your comment' option — it (hopefully) encourages more thoughtful responses from people.