Reading through some of my old journal entries, 2018 me was mainly gathering article links and not much else. Considering what I had on my plate at the time, that’s not a huge surprise.

I’ve moved all my RSS feeds out of Feedbin and back into iCloud synching in NetNewsWire, and cancelled my Feedbin account. I’ve nothing bad to say about Feedbin, I just decided it wasn’t worth the extra expense.

Life in the Old eReader Yet

It occurred to me today that I have a load of books purchased from the good folk at Take Control Books that I could put onto my dad’s old Kindle, so I have a portable reference library. Easier said than done, however. Actually finding out how to do the transfers required a bit of searching, and very little information could be gleaned from Amazon’s pages. (Although they do helpfully tell me that this device will no longer receive software updates.

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From my private journal, on this day in 2019:

Watched both Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson being grilled by Andrew Neil on BBC 1 after dinner. Neither of them were convincing, but Boris scared me more. I really believe that he’s only interested in power, and nothing else.


Covid-Free Streak Busted :(

Well, looks like our Covid-free streak is at an end. (My sister caught it in late 2020, thankfully recovered after a few weeks.) She called me this morning to break the news that her fiancé tested positive. She’s negative for now, but is cancelling her in-person tuition bookings for rest of week. She’s concerned that she might have infected Mum when she came over yesterday, recommended Mum take a test tomorrow just in case.

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Had booster shot yesterday, my 5th COVID vaccination, Moderna this time. Left shoulder is sore, feel achy and tired today. 💉💪😫🤧

Moving email, contacts and calendars / reminders back to Fastmail from iCloud turned out to be a lot easier than I’d thought, partly because Fastmail have worked to make the process smoother. 👍

Want to read: Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise by Thich Nhat Hanh 📚

While I’m happy with iCloud Email, its spam detection is more hit-and-miss compared to Fastmail, and there’s no way to easily correct false positives so they don’t reoccur.

I’m saving some money by switching over my personal domains, but I’m wondering if it would be easier in the long-run to stick with Fastmail and find savings elsewhere — email is definitely not something to scrimp on!

I’ve been deliberately pulling back from a lot of news coverage lately, particularly online. It’s too damn depressing most of the time.