The Business: Apollo Executive Group

Fascinating article about how NASA managed to get men onto the Moon in the face of budget cuts and other setbacks (the Apollo 1 tragedy in particular.)

The Toy Store: The Milton Bradley Big Trak

The ‘toy of the future’ from 1979!

The Tech Class: The Computer Enters the 1980s Classroom

This brings back some happy memories from my school years, which coincided with the introduction and growth of the computer labs at the school I went to. :)

Six ways to improve your media diet

I've been putting a lot of this into practice over the last year.

The iPhone SE arrived today. Photo of it alongside my Lenovo PHAB2. (Taken with my iPad Mini 4). Feels weird holding a small phone again after so long. I've completed the initial setup, tomorrow I'll add the apps I need.

Two mobile phone handsets side by side. Lenovo PHAB2 on the left, iPhone SE on the right.
Size comparison between the Lenovo PHAB2 (left) and the iPhone SE (right).

Bienvenue | Da ! Heard It Records

Came across this net.label a while back. Some seriously weird stuff in their catalogue, including lots of chiptune-y music if that's your thing. :)

Accessibility for Vestibular Disorders: How My Temporary Disability Changed My Perspective

An extreme example, perhaps, but the author highlights a lot of issues that are applicable to everyone. Accessibility should be the default, not an afterthought.

Doing magazine layout work, which means opening up InDesign. An application that I tolerate because it's currently the best tool for the job. I’m looking forward to trying out Affinity Publisher once it’s released.

Phone has now come out of whatever loop it was stuck in, and I can use it again, for now. But battery is down to 50%, from being fully charged this morning. Something was draining the phone today, definitely. Not a good sign.

Another annoyance. Latest update to DEVONthink Pro Office has caused Apple Mail plugin to vanish, and I can't reinstall it as option in DEVONthink is disabled. I can save mail messages to the DEVONthink inbox folder for now, but I'm wondering what changed and how to fix it.