Hated and hunted - BBC News

This guy ‘Fabian’ cracks ransomware for a living. He has helped a lot of people, but also made a lot of enemies in the process…

(I just wish the BBC hadn’t been so clever with the article—I’m unable to user Reading Mode on it in Safari.)

Apple’s new iPads cling to old Apple Pencil


Well, that’s clear as mud.

Bercow: parliamentary democracy at work

How ironic that those who’ve accused the EU of making countries keep voting until they deliver the right result, are quite happy to do the same thing to the UK Parliament.

Constitutional crisis, my arse.

Why Phone Numbers Stink As Identity Proof — Krebs on Security

I recently changed phone numbers, and had to update various services that use SMS for security. Pain in the posterior. PayPal is the worst, that required much SIM-swapping.

Pondering the new iPad Mini. I’ve had my Mini 4 for two years (refurb from Apple) and I use it constantly. Apple Pencil would be nice, but not a must-have. And l’m loathe to replace something that’s still working well enough. Still, I’m glad it still matters to Apple.

A ‘Creepy’ Assignment: Pay Attention to What Strangers Reveal in Public

“If someone wants true privacy in this day and age your actions for achieving it must be intentional,” a user replied to my thread. “You have to work for privacy.”

One of the nicest things about a text editor like Sublime Text is that you can customise and extend it to fit your needs. Yes, it can be a bit fiddly to set up. But I prefer that to the our-way-is-best approach that a lot of writing apps take.

I’ve been using Brainwave Studio on the Mac for a while now, but realised that I’ve also got it on my iPad mini 4. It would make more sense to use it there, as i can more easily control it without distracting from other tasks.

iTunes informs me that I have over 18,000 songs in my music library, and it would take nearly 68 days to play them all. And that isn’t even my full music library, I still have old CDs and cassettes to convert.

(I love Spotify, but I don’t own those songs, they’re rented.)

I now have a 24hr block in Freedom of all the main social media services, and Locked Mode will stop me from switching that block off.

Drastic? Perhaps. But the distraction of those places permeates other parts of the web, because of compulsion to share.