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The Lost Cause

Brexit and the “Lost Cause”

Jonty Bloom:

I have been watching a programme on Abe Lincoln and the American Civil War and what is quite amazing is the role that the Southern press played in whipping up fear, loathing, hatred, racism and eventually treason.

Speechs were misreported, attacks on politicians encouraged, lies spewed out and racial tensions were stirred in an attempt to increase circulation, bulwark white power and protect slavery at any cost.

Now look at the Northern Ireland Protocol and the stories about it, remind you of anything?

I wasn’t surprised when this reappeared in the news cycle after last week’s local elections. But I hadn’t drawn the parallel that Jonty has. Not a comforting prospect, because as he notes at the end of his post:

Like the South they will be lying, again. Like the Lost Cause in America it will poison the well of political debate for decades to come.

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