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Customer Support Done Right

I upgraded to Audio Hijack 4 last Thursday, and everything went smoothly until I went to come out of the introductory tour. The window stopped responding, and when I reopened the app my old sessions hadn’t been imported and the import option did nothing. Cue mild panic as I struggled to remember if I’d written down the latest settings for my broadcast work!

I was able to get things working by manually copying and renaming the preference lists from the previous version of Audio Hijack, but thought it prudent to file a bug report anyway.

To my amazement, not only did I get an immediate response, but several follow-ups over the weekend as we exchanged info and I downloaded and tested with both a development build and the previous version of Audio Hijack to work out where the problem was. (While I’d gotten it in a working state here, they were understandably worried that others might not be so fortunate.)

This morning, I was able to do a ‘factory reset’ and force Audio Hijack 4 to open afresh. This time, the import worked, and my sessions all have their input icons displayed.

Thankfully, this didn’t impact my ability to do my Sunday show yesterday, but I’m now an even bigger fan of Rogue Amoeba and their products. :)

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