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The Web0 Manifesto

Aral Balkan, in his usual no-nonsense style:

Towards the end of 2021, I started noticing more and more “articles” on “web3” cropping up, each one more grating than the last.

It was as if journalists public relations hacks were in a race to the death to see who could best parrot the latest right-libertarian techbro bullshit from bullshit press releases ejected out the fetid bowels of bullshit startups in Silicon Valley, the world’s capital of bullshit.

So, anyway…

I felt we could all use a little antihistamine – not to mention, a different term we could use to differentiate ourselves from the bullshit – so, over the holidays, I created the web0 manifesto.

“The web0 manifesto: a short and sweet middle finger to web3.”

I’ve already signed it, and I encourage you to do so.

As he has done before, Aral walks the walk, he’s not just talk.

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