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Pandora's Browser

I've decided, after some deliberation, to take some small steps back into social media. But I'll be doing so from within a controlled environment, namely Firefox on my Mac with Containers set up per network. Moreover, I'm using Bumpr to make sure that links from elsewhere on my computer to those networks only open in Firefox.

I also have uBlock Origin installed in Firefox to make sure all adverts and trackers are mopped up. My hope is that by sealing off social media sites from my regular browsing I'll be able to see if they're still able to infer information about me by other means. (For various reasons, I'll only be providing the bare minimum of data about myself when I sign up.)

I may also need to use Screen Time to make sure I'm not checking any of these sites for very long, since I know only too well how addictive they can be.

I know I've posted a lot here in the past about the bad that social media does, but I'm aware that a lot of good can be done as well, and I want to focus on that in the coming year.

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