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Use what you use and be happy

Heartily agree with this post from Greg Morris:

Now my tools mean very little to me. Sure, I have strong preferences towards iPhones and particularly macOS, but they are not part of me any longer. I love technology, and mainly stick to Apple products as I know them the best, but I can't be as evangelical for them as I used to be able to. In many respects the tribalism we feel is natural, no one likes things they love receiving negativity but it gets a bit much after a point. Use what you use and be happy.

As someone who has used Windows, macOS, iOS / iPadOS and Android multiple times over the decades, I'm long past the point where I feel like evangelising for any of them. The 'perfect' system or environment will never exist, because we are all different and user our devices in different ways. Ideally, the device or OS should:

  1. Be reliable,
  2. Be as secure as possible,
  3. Keep my documents and data where I need them, without messing anything up,
  4. Keep out of the way until I need something from it.

That isn't much to ask, is it?

Like Greg, I primarily use Apple devices these days, because for the most part they work well for me and don't give me much trouble. But I don't feel the need to defend Apple, because I can see that they fall short in several areas on the list above. My devices are tools, not fashion statements. As such, I choose to use them in ways that prioritise my needs over Apple's.

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