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As an addendum to my previous post about cleaning up my music library, I completed that mammoth task and cut the cord on Wednesday last week. Or rather, I had to cut several cords, since of course this is Apple so I had to disable both iCloud Music Library and Apple Music / iTunes Store in Preferences.

The good news is that the Music app now starts up a heck of a lot faster! The not-so-good news is that there’s no built-in mechanism for finding duplicated tracks, so I’ll need to turn to third-party tools for that. Quite why Apple decided that this function wasn’t needed any more is a mystery.

But the real kicker is that I’ve subsequently found 23GB of Apple Music tracks still on my Mac, despite having told the app to remove all those downloads. I can only presume that the app misplaced them due to its temperamental nature when it comes to downloading and synching stuff.

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