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Getting Better at Getting Things Done

I’m nearing the end of my first read-through of Getting Things Done by David Allen, a book I’d been interested in getting hold of for a while.

I read lots of articles online about GTD over the years, but most of those have been about the author’s way of doing GTD using their tool(s) of choice. It has been eye-opening to read about the thinking behind GTD direct from the source.

My current GTD system is working well for day-to-day and short-term planning, but I now realise that I need to start nailing down longer-term plans and fleshing those out into things I can start implementing.

I will definitely be re-reading the book in the near future, this time with a view to plotting out what’s missing from my current system and making a commitment to putting things in place so my long-term goals get out of my head and onto some kind of permanent record.

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