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Never Underestimate the Power of Molasses!

This past week has been spent mostly resting, after I hurt my lower back. :(

I know the cause now — another bout of severe constipation. I'm pretty sure I've been dealing with this my whole adult life, but moreso in the last decade as I left full-time employment and stopped commuting, and it has only gotten worse in the last year or so as I've been stuck indoor with less ability to exercise plus more time spent at the computer.

My unlikely saviour has been a large jar of molasses that we don't really have any use for. I've taken to having some in my porridge several weekdays, and experimented with adding a little to Ovaltine. Even a little bit works wonders to unblock things... perhaps too well, as it turns out. 💨

Next on my list of physical issues to work out are my neck and shoulder muscles. Despite getting a new office chair, I'm still finding myself tensed up in that area, a situation not helped by anxiety over various things.

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