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Goodbye, GoodTask

I've been using GoodTask for many months now across all of my devices, primarily to help me Get Things Done. I liked the fact that it hooks into my existing calendars and reminders lists, so there wasn't the hassle of recreating data.

However, today I finally moved back to using Apple's own Calendar and Reminders apps, and uninstalled GoodTask. This has been driven by a growing number of niggles I've had with the app, including several that were actually getting in my way instead of helping me.

While GoodTask is undoubtedly a very powerful and full-featured app, I've found that it was too powerful for my needs, and more complicated in places than I needed it to be. For instance, I found that I rarely needed to switch views, and ended up not using tags at all. And I disliked that creating or changing Actions required navigating a sometimes labyrinthine series of dialog boxes.

I also get the impression that the developer of GoodTask is trying to make it all things for all people, which I suspect is the reason why it's not gelling with me. I've been through this situation before with other GTD apps in the pasts — OmniFocus, Fantastical, Trello, Wunderlist (RIP) and Todoist — so I know the warning signs that it's time to reconsider my path.

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. As I mentioned at the top of the post, at least this time I don't have to waste time re-entering tasks, so that's one less task for today. :)

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