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Inching Towards Veganism

Over the last few years, I've gradually changed my dietary habits. Part of that was because, after my father passed away in late 2018, there wasn't a need to cook big meals, and no desire to drink wine with them. We opted for smaller, easier-to-prepare meals with smaller portions, and also started cutting out other things like processed meat.

But a much bigger impetus came at the start of 2020, when my sister announced that she was going to try going vegan, initially for January. A few months later, both she and her partner had managed to adjust with any major issues, and decided to carry on with it. She had been vegetarian in the past, mostly successfully, although it was a particular challenge during the years she spent living and working in Italy. But her partner was coming to veganism head-on, so for him it was a much bigger shift. Hats off to both of them!

Lockdown restrictions, as well as panic-buying early in 2020, meant that initially we were just trying to make sure we had enough food to last us the week. But once things settled down a bit, we started to look at what we were eating and what the alternatives were.

(To be continued in future posts.)

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