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Apple Podcasts app niggles

I switched over to Apple's own app last year from Overcast, and initially it worked well. But lately, I've noticed some odd behaviour:

  1. On the Mac version, it has started to randomly crash out during use, for reasons I've not been able to figure out. Very annoying! It picks up where it stopped once I reopen it. This is since I upgraded my Mac to Big Sur, so I suspect a bug has gotten in somewhere.
  2. On all my devices, the display of show notes is way too constrained, and devoid of most links.
  3. By default, I get offered playback of a podcast episode I've already listened to. Seriously, Apple?

So this morning I reinstalled Overcast and manually added most of my current listened-to (and active) podcasts. My Premium subscription expired last year, but it's all working just fine currently. I will probably renew the subscription anyway, just to support Marco in his work.

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