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Letting Go Of The Past

I had another epiphany today.

I've had Parallels Desktop on my Mac for years now, pretty much since I bought my first one for myself back in 2012. Originally it was so that I could continue to run some Windows applications, particularly games. Over the ensuing years I've oscillated between various versions of Windows, and also installed some macOS and Linux virtual machines.

But my need for Windows has diminished, and running macOS or Linux virtually was at most a curiosity rather than an actual need.

Lately, I've only fired up Parallels Desktop to update it plus my virtual machines.

So today I pulled the plug. I removed the three virtual machines, then uninstalled Parallels Desktop, and have made sure that my subscription won't be renewed. It's not a huge sum of money each year, but it's money that is going to waste.

At some point in the future, I will also mothball my Steam and GOG accounts. I've realised that the likelihood of my (re)playing any of the games in my libraries is very remote now, so no point in letting them linger. Some of them would have difficulty running now anyway.

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