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Oracle Out-Googles Google... In Shady Behaviour

Following from yesterday's post about Oracle's attempts to destroy open source software, here's a report on their other front (in all senses of the word) against Google, courtesy of Mike Masnick at Techdirt:

Over the last decade or so, the fight between Oracle and Google has seemed incredibly personal – at least on the Oracle side. Of course, many have argued the main reason for Oracle’s attacks on Google were to pressure the company into settling its long-running fight over the Java API – and the Supreme Court just put an end to that -- so it will be interesting to watch whether or not the attacks continue. But there’s an important point buried in all of this. Almost everything Oracle accuses Google of doing… it does itself. Often in much more nefarious ways. I mean, Oracle even copied an API without a license. But Oracle’s grand projection in blaming Google for the things that Oracle actually does (in much worse ways) goes way further than that.

Oracle are spending lots of money on lobbying politicians around the world to hobble or even break Google. This graph below is just for the USA:

Source: The Markup

I guess this also explains why Larry Ellison hasn't been called to Congress to appear alongside Sundar Pichai or Mark Zuckerberg.

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