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DEVONthink + iA Writer = 😍

I've tested the ability to edit journal entries in DEVONthink using iA Writer on both Mac and iPad.

On the Mac, it's just a case of File > Open With... then select iA Writer. Editing in iA Writer then saving updates the file in DEVONthink. There's a small niggle where iA Writer displays a warning that it's editing a file outside of its list of locations — I've got rid if the warning by adding the Databases folder in my home folder to the list of iA Writer locations.

On the iPad, using DEVONthink To Go, the process requires some setup first. In iA Writer, I needed to add DEVONthink as a file location, and the Personal Journal specifically. Once that is done, I can open files from there in iA Writer and edit them, and the changes are synched back to DEVONthink To Go.

I'm pretty pleased with how well this worked. :)

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