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From the Archive: Oh iTunes, why do you have to suck so hard?

I posted this to my old Facebook profile on 2nd November 2016. A lot of the gripe still applies to Apple Music app on the Mac.

Oh iTunes. Why do you have to suck so hard?

You used to be great at organising my music, syncing with my iPod (back when I still had one), even handling audiobooks for me.

But over the years, you've gotten flabby, forgotten how to play music for me, started losing music tracks, and now you're liable to crash or throw an error message at me at the slightest provocation.

Is it because I hang out more with Spotify? Or is it just that you're hooked on cosmetic enhancements?

Thank goodness I no longer need to rely on you to manage my ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, apps or photos. And no, you can't palm me off by blaming iCloud—unlike you, he has actually shaped up and raised his game.

So it's time for us to part ways, alas. No, you're not keeping my playlists. Perhaps Apple will see sense and put you into rehab (iBooks was a start, but they need to get serious and remove all the other cruft.)

For the record, I switched to Swinsian for a couple of years, but eventually it became clear that I'd need to return to iTunes in order to easily get music to my iPad. And now I'm subscribed to Apple Music, so that's the end of my dalliances for now.

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