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We Can Be The Solution

Greg Morris: Looking Forward

We are not The nEw NoRmaL but the hope I look up to is that we become something different than before. That I become something different. Working, Social and everything in-between is improved to a point where it improves lives and we are more community orientated. We look out for each other and build a community around it that cares and looks out for us in our times of need and is built of real relationships.

Not likes, not retweets, not clicks not views. Nothing that can be measurable and compatible. Something that is a lot more real, almost tangible.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what that is, but I don’t trust the current crop of web platforms to care about anything other than metrics and growth. We are the ones that need to care about each other more. We are the users that provide platforms with content and drive the growth they crave. The ones that hold the power to change our own communities for the good.

As Patrick Rhone would say, "what we believe in."

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