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Use it or lose it

The past week or so I've been paying more attention to my posture when working at the computer, and making adjustments to help me keep my head and neck straight. I'm also taking more breaks to stretch, move around and look away from the screen.

While my overall fitness has improved greatly over the last year or so, it has served to show up those areas where there are potential problems. My neck and shoulders are one, and my circulation around my legs is another.

At some point I'd like to get a new office chair with head support as well as lower back support. I used to have one of those tall faux-leather executive-style chairs, but it got worn out from years of use. My current chair supports my back but has no head support, and the pressure cylinder is failing.

I've considered a standing desk as well, but the cost is putting me off. But more desk space would definitely be welcome, especially if it meant I could add a second screen.

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