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Ageing≠old. Ageing=living.

Dr. Hannah McDowall: If you want to talk about ageing, then do it properly.

The word ‘ageing’ does not mean ‘old’ or older. It is an adjective which refers to time passing, and the effect of that time passing on the noun it describes for the duration of that noun remaining in existence. In the case of people, the duration for which we are alive. From the moment we are born to the moment we die we are ageing, and yet in recent years this word has been used to refer to organisations and programmes of work exclusively interested in the concerns of older people. Here are just a few of the many examples: Age UK, Centre for Ageing Better, The AgeingBetter Programme of the Community Fund, the Ageing Platforms eg European, Age Friendly Communities, Help AgeInternational, Independent Age, there are so many more. And how many children’s or youth organisations use the words age or ageing in their brand? None. Although they are also all about ageYouth Voice, Save the Childen, Girl guiding, no shame in using age-specific terms there.

The older people’s sector has been well and truly age-washed.

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