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My iMac is now living on borrowed time, it seems...

Apparently, my 2017 iMac 27-inch system, whose AppleCare+ cover expired yesterday, 'is not eligible for additional coverage'.

I'm unclear as to why Apple has come to this decision. Yes, I appreciate that they're transitioning all their Mac range over to Apple Silicon, but they've also said that they'll continue to support users of Intel-based Macs. And this system is still a way off from being considered 'antique' or even 'vintage', so I'd imagine they still have spare parts for repairs.

And I want the peace of mind of knowing that my iMac can be repaired if anything goes wrong, and I'm prepared to pay Apple for another three years of cover!

Yes, I'm still able to claim the cost of repairs against Apple using current UK consumer legislation — for now. But I know from experience that Apple will drag their feet on this.

As things stand now, the local Apple Store in town is closed due to lockdown, and I suspect that the authorized Apple repair shop I've used in the past is either closed or only open by appointment.

So, I'll need to have an emergency fund set aside now for use if this Mac breaks down, and I have to get a replacement.

I'm pretty certain that is Apple's intention.

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