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Reasons Why I Love My RSS Feeds

  1. Everything is in chronological order.
  2. I can skip over articles I'm not interested in.
  3. I can mark all articles read if I wish.
  4. The only stuff that is hidden is the stuff that I want hidden. (I use filters in Inoreader for this.)
  5. If I want to reread something, I just select All Articles instead of Unread Articles and scroll back to find it.
  6. There's nothing else between posts — no adverts, no suggestions, nothing.
  7. Readability view means that I can read articles the way I want to, rather than the way a web-designer wants me to.
  8. If I want to move to a different RSS service, I can export my feeds as an OPML file and use that elsewhere.
  9. I can share links to articles however I wish.
  10. My attention is under my control, not controlled by others.

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