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I blogged a few days ago that I was giving MailMate another go.

Yesterday, I pulled the trigger and bought a licence.

This time around, by forcing myself to use it as my primary Mac email client for several days, I finally grokked why so many folks dig it.

It's not the prettiest of email clients, nor does it automagically sort your emails out of the box. But for those needing to drill down into what emails they're receiving, it has lots of tools to handle that, and then some!

The integrations with other Mac apps and services are a nice bonus.

Above all, though, it is a Mac app, designed for the Mac, and tapping into the power of macOS.

I think this will be a theme in 2021 for me. Today, I started looking into how I can make more use of the powers of DEVONthink, which I've owned for a long time now, and I'm combining that with the file-processing power of Hazel and the automation of Keyboard Maestro. And I will most likely give BBEdit another go for text-editing duties in the near future.

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