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Night And Day

I've not really messed around too much with the display settings since I upgraded my 2017 iMac 27" to macOS Catalina last month. But in the last few days, I decided to try using automatic Dark Mode switching to see how it works for me.

So far, I've not noticed any major drawbacks. A few apps don't currently support changing their UI according to whether Dark Mode is active, but they are still usable.

One major benefit is that the screen is a lot less glaring when it occasionally wakes up during the night.

I've now done the same change on my iPad, which has already had a benefit in forcing me to stop opening Good Sudoku late at night.

I think I will keep this setup because it's a reminder — along with Night Shift dimming and warming the screen tone — of the passage of time. In the past, I've found it easy to stay up late, which has been detrimental to my sleep pattern, and that is a habit I've been working to break.

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