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I am not a piece of 💩 and neither are you

I can totally relate to this post by Kimberly Hirsh:

Austin Kleon says to write the book you want to read. If I were to write a book in this moment — more that I need, than I want — I would title it, “You Are Not a Piece of 💩.” I need this book because whenever my anxiety gets stronger, this is the mantra it says to me. “You are a piece of shit.” Now, this is untrue in both a literal and figurative fashion.

I've struggled for years with that nagging voice in my head telling me that I'm no good and should just give up already. The stress and anxiety of the last few years have turned that voice up to 11. I'm starting to get a handle on dealing with that, doing some things that Kimberly describes in her post, but it's going to take a long time to quieten down that nagging voice and make it go away.

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