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Flatten this four year curve of lies and rage

Dave Pell, from his latest newsletter:

But when it comes to the broader population, the citizens who exist beyond the images carried on the news and or in the diatribes shouted back and forth on social media, this is one America—and if this pandemic has shown us anything, it's that we need unity to thrive. Consider that your perception of the other side could be as distorted as theirs is of you, and look for common ground. Only then will we be able to flatten this four year curve of lies and rage into in a speedbump on the road to a better America. We owe it to my parents. We owe it my kids. We owe it to John Lewis and RBG. We owe it the 230,000 taken by Covid and the millions on the front lines fighting it. And we owe it to ourselves.

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