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Tracker Shaming

Simon Woods:

Starting to think we need a very public list of every website that has such awful tracking technology embedded into it that you need to go through a cookie manager just to use it.

All of these websites ought to be on a warning list until they renounce invasive ad tech.

I'm pretty sure that this information could be collated from data supplied (via opt-in) from users of ad-blocking and tracker-blocking extensions, as well as by those browsers that support such technology built-in.

Of course, the advertising industry — which, at this point, should really be named the surveillance capitalism industry — will balk at this. But this data would be the expression of the will of the people who are viewing the content that has those trackers stuffed into them. Combine with additional statistics on how much processing power and bandwidth is being taken up, and I think it would be very revealing indeed!

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