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"The Only Winning Move is Not To Play"

It's taken me several years, but I've come to learn that you do not have to participate in everything. Anything from the office potluck to social media can be opted out of. I guess you can call that the power of saying no.

But in a society that preaches progress, self-improvement, and constant change, you can find yourself easily straggling the line between coming and going. There are so many people pushing for why you should or shouldn't do something and this paradox of choice leaves some of us paralyzed. We overthink and try to find out how to have our cake and eat it to. We create extra stress over the stupidest of decisions, all because of social norms or expectations.

Source: The Only Winning Move is Not To Play — Brandon's Journal

I can relate to this so much! It has taken me a long time to get out of that must-improve-must-move-forward mindset and go easier on myself.

(Bonus points if you already know which film that title line comes from...)

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