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Another Epic Post From Former Googler Steve Yegge

Too many quotable pieces from this latest rant by Mr Yegge for me to include them all. Needless to say, Google is the focus of his ire, specifically their Cloud Platform. But there is some good discussion about commitment to your product, as well as the benefits of handling deprecation properly and treating developers well. And a fair bit of humour, including this gem:

The first system I’ll pick is the oldest: GNU Emacs, which is a sort of hybrid between Windows Notepad, a monolithic-kernel operating system, and the International Space Station. It’s a bit tricky to explain, but in a nutshell, Emacs is a platform written in 1976 (yes, almost half a century ago) for writing software to make you more productive, masquerading as a text editor.

Plus a few swipes at Python, and Apple too.

I think many users of Google products will relate to his description of the emails that Google sends out when they're deprecating and/or shutting down some service or other.

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