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The Best Thing About RSS

Mark Hughes:

… is it's not anything like Twitter.

I was over there checking my notifications, a daily chore but also sometimes there's something good if I don't scroll too long. But also just endless shit that makes me mad from randos. Well, that shouldn't happen, I've curated my follows and turned off their retweets… Except Twitter also reposts shit your followees "liked", even if you have retweets turned off from them, so Jack Shit can continue their mission to make the world a shittier place.

RSS never shoves some third-party garbage in the feed, just because someone "liked" a post!

This echoes my experience from when I last used Twitter, about five years ago. From what I've seen since, the signal-to-noise ratio is even lower now, thanks to more assholes plus Twitter's tweaking of the news feed. :(

With my RSS feeds, I can read what I want then Mark All Read and get on with other things. No endless scroll, no unwanted extras, and if need be I can filter the feeds so the signal is even higher. :)

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