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This new digital idea of patronage

Om Malik, at the end of a blog post discussing Bandcamp:

This did, of taking a stake in the success of something you believe in, is an excellent way to think about fostering creativity in the future. I mean, why just music? We are all stuck with Instagram as the only place to follow photographers, but we don’t have any tools that put the interest of photographers first. Instead, it is all about the algorithm and how many ads it can push. This new digital idea of patronage — coming from an appreciation of the creator could transcend categories. I understand that people have Patreon, But that isn’t a purpose-built place to encourage a type or genre of art to foster.

I've taken advantage of the recent special events where Bandcamp has waived their transaction fees for the first Friday of the month. And I definitely feel more of a connection to the artists that I follow and support on Bandcamp. Plus, in many cases the music I'm purchasing from Bandcamp will never make it onto Spotify, Apple Music or any other streaming service.

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