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So Glad I Kicked That Habit...

<img src=“/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/2716.png” alt=“Four panel comic strip.

Panel 1:

Two figures in a dark alley, one in a hoodie, the other in a trench coat and hat. The hoodie-wearer has the Facebook logo for a head, the hat-wearer has the Twitter logo for a head.

Facebook: "Pssst! Wanna get high?" Twitter: "We’ve got some sweet endorphins for you!"

Panel 2:

The two figures step out of the shadows.

Facebook:"Feel that feed rage brewing? Reply and trigger some dopamine!" Twitter:"Engagement, man! Tweet those angry feelings!"

Panel 3:

Facebook:"We’ve got a lot more of that for you, just do a hit of refresh!" Twitter:"Yeah, scroll baby! Endless scroll! Get your fix!"

Panel 4:

Facebook:"We are please to provide world class polarising, and highly addictive extreme content, tailored just for you!" Twitter:"Yeah man, there’s nothing like outrage addiction!" Twitter:"Or, I can get you puppies and kittens, if you’re into that kinda thing."” class=“wp-image-15255”/>

The Joy of Tech comic… The Pushers

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