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Flush Facebook!

Via The Joy of Tech:

Five-panel comic strip.
<p>Panel 1:</p>
<p>Close-up of face of Mark Zuckerberg.</p>
<p>"I don’t think Facebook should be the arbiter of truth of everything that people say online."</p>
<p>Panel 2:</p>
<p>Mark Zuckerberg’s head floating in water.</p>
<p>"You see, our own studies show that feeding users more and more divisive content gains user attention, and that increases the time they spend on Facebook!"</p>
<p>"And yes, it creates a more polarised society, but that increases the money I make!"</p>
<p>Panel 3:</p>
<p>Mark Zuckerberg’s head in swirling water.</p>
<p>"I’ve struggles with how to respond to inflammatory posts…"</p>
<p>"I know many people are upset, but my position is that…"</p>
<p>Panel 4:</p>
<p>Mark Zuckerberg’s head disappearing beneath swirling water.</p>
<p>"We should enable as much expression as possible…"</p>
<p>Panel 5:</p>
<p>Pull out to view of flushing toilet from above. A toilet-plunger is positioned to the right of the toilet.</p>
<p>Text in bottom right:"FLUSH FACEBOOK!"" class=“wp-image-15266”/></figure></p>
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<p>Though I miss the friends that I lost touch with after leaving, I have no intention of going back to that place. Facebook is literally a convenience, as in a place you only go to to flush your information down the U-bend...</p>
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