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The 'Real Camera' Is The One That Gives You What You Want

Matt Birchler recently posted about why he still finds use for a dedicated camera, even with an iPhone 11 and Pixel 4 at his disposal.

Yes, the camera systems in modern smartphones are very good, and the software in the phones can work wonders to bring out detail. But software can only work with the information that it receives, and the phone's depth limits the size of the camera lenses as well as the sensors behind them.

A dedicated camera won't have the smarts that the phone has, and the photographer will have to process the images themselves to bring out details. But the camera's sensor will provide you with a lot more image data to play with, and the extra depth will allow for more control of focal depth. And if you move up to a bridge or DSLR camera, you have even more lens options.

A photo from a smartphone will definitely be good, and if you just want to capture a memory that's what matters. But a dedicated camera still has appeal for those who want to play with photos.

And I should definitely take out my old Canon Powershot G9 and use it this summer.

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