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TuneOut Radio

I got an email update from the folks at SomaFM, the multi-channel Internet radio station that I've been listening to on-off for going on 18 years. (Full disclosure: I'm also a regular supporter of theirs.)

One of the news items that caught my attention was this:

Due to a recent court decision, TuneIn Radio is removing a lot of stations (including SomaFM) from their radio directory. This mostly affects people using Google Home Speakers, but if you have one of our mobile apps, you can still 'cast to speakers with no issues.

If you're on Sonos, we recommend you install "myTuner" which gets all the SomaFM stations. You can add them to your Sonos Favorites from there.

This only affects people in the UK using TuneIn Radio.

I'm guessing that the court case in question is this one, that was ruled on at the end of last year. Oddly, I can't see any announcement on TuneIn's own website about them culling stations from their UK radio directory.

So now I have to juggle multiple radio apps on my iPad — BBC Sounds for all the national BBC radio stations, SomaFM's app for their channels, and TuneIn Radio for everything else (for now.)

Oddly, the BBC's decision last year to pull their stations from TuneIn Radio doesn't appear to include their local stations, or the BBC World Service. Given that their reason for doing so was access to listenership data, I find this surprising.

I guess I'll find out sooner or later if TuneIn is removing access to any of the other UK stations that I occasionally listen to.

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