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Joe Who? (Plus Thougths On Podcasting)

The best thing about Rogan moving to Spotty is that he will no longer feature in my recommended podcasts.

John Philpin

I guess I'm not the only one who won't miss seeing that weird gurning face among the recommendations when I go to add a new podcast in Overcast.

I'm not tempted to go back to Spotify. The mobile app was OK, but the desktop version was clunky at best, and that was when it was working. And it turns out that Apple Music does a good enough job of showing me stuff I might want to listen to.

The news about Joe Rogan's podcast becoming a Spotify exclusive has resurfaced the debate about what qualifies as a podcast.

To me, a podcast is just a series of audio or video recordings that you can subscribe to and receive new recordings as they're released. But I think that focussing on the content misses the point.

Requiring that listeners use a specific app or services to recieve your podcast makes about as much sense as requiring that people buy separate radios for FM, AM and digital stations, or separate set-top boxes or screens for different TV services.

The only people who stand to benefit are those collecting the tithes from both users and creators. And ultimately, I suspect the experience will turn sour for both the latter parties...

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