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It's Blog Posts All The Way Down

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm following several of the folks from through their RSS feeds which I've plugged into Inoreader.

One of the folks I follow just posted the following on their Microblog regarding my post:

Seeing people go is always sad. for me is helping me strike a balance between lightweight blogging and more heavy duty stuff on my main blog with WordPress.

My biggest problem with splitting my blogging between shortform and longform was that, initially, I was going for the low-hanging fruit of shortform blogging, with the result that my longform blogging pretty much dried up.

Part of the reason why I migrated all of my writing from back to here was to force myself to blog here, whatever form that might take. And for the most part, that worked out well, even as I was continuing to post stuff through the app.

However, then I got caught up in trying to hook this WordPress-based blog up to the IndieWeb so that I could get comments from to show up here. That worked, mostly, but was also adding a lot of baggage under the hood, and slowing my site down as a result.

So now I've stripped things back down to just the basics, enough to do what I need this blog to do. That also means having the fewest steps between me and a finished blog posts.

Your mileage may vary, of course. 🤷

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