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Here, Phishy Phishy...

Phishing scams leveled up, and we didn’t

Violet Blue, writing for Engadget:

So what, you say? All the adults (who were in the room a minute ago) know not to click strange links to win a free iPad or log in at or download the attachment from Lisa@FreePills. Who does that? Florida grandmas falling for Nigerian princes, surely.

This thinking is fine and good only under the conceit that getting pwned is for people who aren’t as smart as you or that the cliques running security for your email clients have perfected their specious and occult magics of marking suspicious emails with big, fat, red DANGER warnings. The adults have it under control, you think. Gosh, there must be a lot of dumb people, you muse.

Turns out, you’re pretty wrong on both counts.

Moral of the story—as we used to say back in the days of the Old Internet, “Practice Safe Hex”.

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