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Decoupling from

Yesterday, I cancelled my subscription, reverting back to a Basic membership.

The subscription was paying for hosting of blog content, but now I’ve migrated that back to this blog.

I’ll still have the connection to the community. And for that I am very thankful. Many of the folks there have helped me to deal with the changes in my life and circumstances.

I was a backer of the original Kickstarter that Manton Reece ran to get up and running. But my initial use of it petered out after a while, partly due to my state of mind at the time.

I rejoined the community back at the end of last year. Partly because I felt the need to get back into the habit of blogging regular. Partly as a way to wean myself off of Facebook.

I’m a little sad about no longer being a paying supporter of I appreciate the work that Manton, Jean and the team there have put into building

When I cancelled, I got asked for some feedback on how the service could improve. I suggested a ‘Supporter’ subscription for those with existing blogs who want to support the community platform.

In a future post, I’ll mention those folks in the community whose posts I’ve enjoyed this year.

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