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Today's WordPress annoyances...

The apps for Mac and i(Pad)OS.

I have this blog hooked up to via the Jetpack plugin, so I can use some of their features to enhance my blog. Mostly, that has worked well, and their web-based UI is bearable.

The apps they provide, on the other hand, are next to useless, at least for my use case. I tried writing a blog post in the iPad version, and all was fine until I tried to save it as a draft. No dice, it wouldn’t let me do so, saying it would try again when ‘the device is online’.


In the end, I copy-pasted the post text into Bear, returned to my Mac and copy-pasted from their into MarsEdit.

I’ve now uninstalled both versions of the app. In future, I’ll use Bear for blog drafts, and MarsEdit for posting.

Where the heck are my post types???

On a related note, I was doing some clean-up work on older posts, and spotted that the selector for post type had vanished. I’m not sure if this is related to my changing over to the Twenty Twenty theme for this blog, but if it is then I’m pissed off!

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