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De-quantifying my life

I can relate to so much of this blog post on ReaderWriterVille . Measuring my ‘success’ by how much ‘stuff’ I was doing didn’t help that much, and made me feel worse.

I’ve now consciously stepped back and reviewed what I’m doing and why. The result has been that I end up getting plenty done anyway, because I’m no longer in an artificial race against myself.

This part in particular stuck out to me:

It’s ironic that I’m back to blogging and enjoying it, because blogging in the old days was definitely part of social media and had all the quantification attributes that the popular platforms have now. People blogged to develop a media portfolio, to reach a larger audience than they could in face-to-face life, to get a book contract, to become internet-famous. But now that blogging is unfashionable and back to being under the radar, most people who blog don’t do it for the clicks. Quantified blogging will make you depressed, whereas unquantified blogging is its own reward.

In many ways, I’ve come full circle. I’m blogging for the love of writing, expressing my thoughts. :)

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