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What Are They Smoking???

Boris Johnson wants Ireland to form new union with the UK after Brexit

Adam Bienkov, at Business Insider:

Under the plan Ireland would gain a "special dispensation" from Brussels to leave its trading rules until new "alternative arrangements" to the Northern Ireland backstop are established.

"The solution is a bilateral agreement to agree a common rule book for Britain and Ireland for as long we need one," a senior minister in Johnson's government told The Sun.

The person added: "Ideally though, the EU would formally propose it rather than us [so] it is more acceptable to the Irish."

Not only ignoring the fact that the Irish are quite happy to be part of the EU, but overlooking the small matter of 400 years of colonial rule.

Clearly, the only 'negotiation' being done here is the placement of blame for the coming chaos onto everyone other than those responsible for this mess.

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