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No GOOP, we are most definitely not on the same side

Dr. Jen Gunter:

GOOP has promoted vaginal steaming, the origins of which include the false belief that a uterus is full of toxins. If the myth weren’t so harmful, it would be laughable. If menstrual blood were filled with deadly toxins, how exactly does an embryo implant and thrive?

This lie has been used to exclude menstruating women from school, work, and religious services. Vaginal steaming is a literal tool of the patriarchy. A literal tool of the patriarchy.

I wrote that twice on purpose, because it’s a double tool of the patriarchy. You know the origins? In the era of Hippocrates almost every medical symptom a woman experienced that was bothersome to men, especially having an opinion, was hysteria. The cause? A rogue uterus wandering the body. (They called it womb, but I can’t because I fucking hate that word). Fragrant herbs between the legs were used to coax the uterus back into place, like a stunned sheep.

I shit you not.

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