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The 'Dark Matter' of the Web

Update 2021-05-07: Linked article below is broken, currently produces a HTTP 500 error, and there is no Internet Archive copy available. :( Let this be a lesson, dear reader, if you want your online writing to last, own your web space, and let the Internet Archive help you.

The Real Dark Web

Charlie Owen:

These developers are quietly building their sites and apps, day in, day out. But they are rendered invisible as they are not making use of the cutting-edge technologies that the 1% of the bleeding edge love to talk about.

They are the 99% of the web universe that is quietly getting on, not blogging about their technology stack, not publishing amazing new tooling. Simply building things.

This article really chimes with me. Too much of the web design stuff that I come across might as well be written in High Elvish, it's so far removed from what I want or need to do.

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