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Guess I won't be visiting the USA any time soon...

US visa applicants required to hand over social media info

Those social media identifiers will be used as one part of a background check that includes reviews of watchlists maintained by the US. At this point, the drop-down menu only includes the big social media platforms, though an official told the Hill that the form will soon accommodate all sites that visa applicants may use.

Visa applicants have the option of saying that they don’t use social media, but the official told the publication that lying could lead to “serious immigration consequences.”

Since the only 'social' network I'm on now is Mastodon (does count? I don't think so) they'd get slim pickings off of me. All my accounts on The Usual Suspects are long gone, except for my Google account, but since a) I left Google+ long before it shut down, b) I have all my tracking paused, that's not much use to the US Government. My Facebook was always private anyway.

So, using the logic of the people who're rolling this out, I must be Up To No Good...

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