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"The Algorithm Says NO!"

Fake News from Facebook and Instagram

Artist Jannica Honey has been photographing the female body for years. She started photographing women in a new way after her own experience of the process of having IVF. She took pictures of women in nature every full and new moon to mirror the small moments when it was possible to conceive.

The series was called When the Blackbird Sings.

But the platforms of Facebook and Instagram started deleting her posts and banishing her for “breaching guidelines”. This was all about social control and control of how the female body could be depicted. This was censorship and the creation of fake news by algorithm.

I was able to track down information about this series on the open web via DuckDuckGo. Here's an article from The List, from 2018.

Irony—when I try the same search in Google, the promoted link at the top goes to a 404 page.

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